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Introducing Cork Toons, Food and Wine’s Most Unique Souvenir!

Cork toons

EPCOT’s International Food and Wine Festival is here and in full swing! This year the amazing artists at the Artistic Talent Group have something new up their sleeves: Cork Toons! That’s right, who needs paper when you can preserve your likeness on a wine cork! You may know the Artistic Talent Group from The Art Corner in Disney Springs. This ...

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Will Disney End This Classic Land At Universal?

The simpsons land

The bitter rivalry between Disney and Universal has gone round and round since Universal Studios opened its doors in 1990. They’ve constantly tried to outdo each other ever since (Disney’s MGM Studios, now Hollywood Studios was built to compete with Universal’s theming). Under the direction of CEO Bob Iger Disney began a new tactic, they began buying well…everything! Disney now ...

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Drax Does Disney- Dave Bautista Rides Cosmic Rewind

Dave Bautista rides Cosmic Rewind

How cool would it be to be able to be a part of a Disney ride? That’s the ultimate dream for any Disney fan honestly. Put me in a Disney ride and honestly that would just be it for me. I will have achieved peak life satisfaction. Former pro-wrestler turned actor Dave Bautista knows this thrill.  On May 27, 2022 ...

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Here’s How NOT to Make Disney’s DOLE Whip Recipe

Dole Whip recipe

DOLE Whip. Just those two words are enough to set your mind racing: memories of your favorite Disney Park, happy times, and hot summer days. Wouldn’t it be great to recreate that at home? Thanks to Disney Parks Blog, now you can! They recently released a take on the DOLE Whip recipe and we just had to try it! First ...

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New Details From Eyewitness to Magic Kingdom Brawl

Fight at Magic Kingdom

More details have emerged about the brawl at Magic Kingdom tonight. We spoke to a bystander about the incident who was able to give us an eyewitness account. The fight involved two separate families, names at this time are unknown so for now we will call them “Green Shirt” and “White Shirt Family”. The incident occurred due to a supposed ...

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Chaos at Magic Kingdom As Brawl Breaks Out In Fantasyland

Fight at Magic Kingdom

Today on “Guests Behaving Badly“, a fight broke out at Magic Kingdom this evening. It’s unknown at this time what the fight was about but we will update you as more information becomes available.   Fight might be an understatement, what went down looked to be an all out brawl, family feud style! In a now removed video on TikTok, all ...

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Despite FBI Involvement to Lessen Disney’s Influence, It’s Business As Usual for Campaign Spending

Fbi probe into Anaheim corruption

In May an FBI probe into local Anaheim political corruption was made public. Specifically the probe was researching how corporations like Disney influence the decisions of City Council. It is alleged that City Council officials allow undue influence into their decision making based upon campaign donations. The probe has led to the resignation of Anaheim mayor Harry Signh and criminal ...

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Formula One Docuseries Coming to Disney Plus

Formula One docuseries disney+

Formula One fans have something to be excited about! Following their recent (very expensive) bid for F1 streaming rights in the United States, Disney has an exciting new docuseries coming to Disney+! Long time great head and speed freak Keanu Reeves will host the series. He says he was inspired to do the series after hearing the incredible tale of ...

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