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Three Amazing Enchanting Extras Return to EPCOT

EPCOT has always been a place where education takes center stage. No one does “edutainment” quite like EPCOT. From rides that put you directly in the story to international festivals and cultural representatives from around the world to educate and inspire- EPCOT truly sparks the imagination. Enchanting Extras (separately ticketed specialty tours and encounters) are where this Park shines.  Since ...

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Disney is on Tinder: You Can Now Swipe Right On She-Hulk!?!?

She hulk on Twitter

Tinder users have noticed something a bit…odd when swiping through their potential matches. There’s been a familiar name popping up on screen everywhere, hoping for a right swipe. Jennifer Walters. That’s right, You can now match with She-Hulk on Tinder! Sort of. The profile is an elaborate advertising campaign, and it’s certainly getting attention. Marvel is no stranger to guerilla ...

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Our Favorite Haunted Mansion Theory Will Change How You Ride Forever

Disney fans are some of the most creative people we know! We love hearing about fan theories and different interpretations of movies and even theme park rides. Building on Disney’s classic storytelling and creating fantastic additions to existing tales is what Disney people do best! While some theories are a bit…out there, others make so much sense that we incorporate ...

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Is Disney World Too Expensive? We Don’t Think So

In this world, there are a few certainties one can count on. One of these is that Disney World will never be cheap. That’s on purpose. From its beginning, it wasn’t cheap, despite what nostalgic people think when they remember “the good old days.” Many long for the days when you could walk through Disney’s gates for $3.50. They’re forgetting ...

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Disney’s Message Seems Clear: Annual Passholders NOT Welcome

Disney Annual Pass

Disney World Annual Passholders hoping to hear news of Annual Pass  sales coming back were disappointed on Wednesday after the company’s quarterly earnings call. While no such announcement was made, hints were dropped about the program’s future. During the call, The Walt Disney Company’s Parks and Entertainment division was the clear standout from the call. Disney World and Disneyland raked ...

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Food Pantry For Disney Cast Members Faces Crisis As Donations Dwindle

The cast member pantry

In 2020 a nonprofit food bank, The Cast Member Pantry, was created to help Disney Cast Members who had been furloughed. Since then, it has continued to operate, helping underpaid or struggling Cast Members with groceries in a time that has seen record inflation.  Despite a historic minimum wage increase to $15/hr for Cast Members, Union representatives say that the ...

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RECIPE: Bring a Taste of Pandora Home


I’m a “rope drop to park close” kinda girl. My Disney day doesn’t stop till I drop, which means I’ve gotten very well acquainted  with the vast array of quick service food options available to me in the Parks. My favorite? Satu’li Bowls. The delicious and heavily customizable dish is so different from your typical theme park fare. You truly ...

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That Time The Simpsons Riffed on One of Disney’s Darkest Moments

The Simpsons

The Simpsons has a habit of poking the bear, so to speak.  No one is immune: governments, celebrities, and religions have all felt the sting of the cartoons’ mockery. Disney is no exception. Admittedly,  it was worse before The House of Mouse owned the Simpsons, but Fox’s new ownership hasn’t earned them any slack either.  One time in particular, though, ...

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The Best Magic Kingdom Resturant You’ve Probably Never Been To

Diamond horseshoe

Located between Frontierland and Liberty Square in Disney’s Magic Kingdom, you’ll find one of the Parks most underappreciated restaurants: The Diamond Horseshoe.  This all-you-can-eat table service venue features hearty American fare at a pretty reasonable price, ya know, for Disney. Despite this, it’s one of the least talked about restaurants in the Park.  I credit this restaurant’s lack of popularity ...

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Disney Mandela Effects That Will Make You Question Everything

Disney Mandela effects

The Mandela effect is a mass psychological phenomenon where a large number of people either misremember an event or remember an event that never happened. The Mandela Effect gets its name from Nelson Mandela, who died in 2013. However, many people seem to recall him dying in prison in the 1980s. Some of them are easily explainable, but some will ...

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