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Check Out These Fun New Disney Parks Voices on TikTok!

Disney parks voices

Calling all TikTokers!!!! Disney Parks has added a bit of fun to your Spooky Season videos! It seems you can now add the voices of Madam Leota, The Ghost Host, and a “Disney Pirate” to your text-to-speech, which is super exciting!  Using the new voices is super easy too!  Create a new post using the + button Edit the video/image ...

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Disney Guest Recieved a Heartwarming Surprise From Shang-Chi

Shang Chi Sign language

  “To all who come to this happy place, welcome!” – Walt Disney Ever since Walt Disney said those words on Disneyland’s opening day, it has been a guiding principle. Recently a Disneyland character performer proved that no matter who you are or how differently abled you may be, at Disney, you are welcome! Shang-Chi was roaming around Disneyland Avengers ...

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Hello Fall, Good Bye Summer Crowds!

Low Disney crowds

It’s time to do a happy dance because our favorite time of year in the parks is here! We’re going to let you in on one of Disney Fan’s worst-kept secrets: as soon as school starts, crowds drop off dramatically. So dramatically in fact that this is the only time of year my “Disney Grump” husband will go. This year ...

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Disney Surprises With Massive Donations

Disney charity

Disney has always been passionate about giving back. From their conservation programs to programs to help teachers, community outreach and making the world a better place have always been at the forefront of company culture. Recently they have given a considerable amount of money to help feed the hungry in both Orlando and Anaheim.   In addition to donating to charity,  ...

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Our Favorite Food and Wine Accessory is BACK!

Food and wine

EPCOT’S International Food and Wine Festival is happening NOW, and you won’t want to miss it! With delectable bites from all over the world, this Festival is a theme park for your taste buds. For those who just love to eat their way around the world, we’ve got excellent news! Back again this year are specialty-themed gift cards to help ...

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Still Need Tickets to MNSSHP? You’ll Want to Buy Soon!

Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party

If you haven’t gotten your tickets for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party yet, you’ll want to hurry! This year has seen a record number of sell-out dates. In fact, there are only 11 dates left open, and almost all of them are in October, so forget a spur-of-the-moment trip next month.  In recent years, September has been a pretty ...

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Is Woke Marvel Ruining the Franchise?


Marvel has a problem. People just…. don’t care anymore. The most recent films have been flops compared to the older films. They also aren’t buying merch. It begs the question, why? One enthusiast thinks he knows the answer: Woke Marvel has lost its fan base.  Matt McGloin of Cosmic Book News knows a thing or two about Marvel, and his ...

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Why We Shouldn’t Wish to Be Rid of Bob Chapek

Bob Chapek Disney revenue

Hello Disney fans, I’m Jill, and I’ve got a confession to make. I don’t want to get rid of Bob Chapek. There, I said it. It feels good to get that off my chest. Before you grab your pitchforks and let me explain: Step into my time machine, if you will, and let’s go back to 1984. A man named ...

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