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Disney Hosts a First of Its Kind Toys For Tots Distribution

Disney Toys for Tots

Christmas is a magical time full of joy and laughter. Is there anything that can compare to the joy on a child’s face when they look under the tree on Christmas morning and see that Santa has visited them? For many kids though, they go to sleep on Christmas Eve unsure if Santa will be stopping by their house…not because ...

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Time Runs Short for Disney to Keep Yet Another Promise, Blame Inflation

Dining Plan inflation

“When is the Disney Dining Plan coming back?” This is probably the most asked question we receive (and one we often wonder too). We are big fans of the Disney Dining Plan. From its cost-saving capabilities (with a little effort and know-how, you can really come out ahead with it) to its convenience (stress-free vacations by having everything prepaid), we ...

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Universal CEO Thinks They Have Disney Animation Beat. Is He Right?

Universal beating disney

Disney, once the undisputed champion of Animation, is now struggling to keep pace with the competition. Universal, in particular, has been a thorn in Disney’s side in recent years, which is sort of history coming  full circle. One of Walt Disney’s early jobs was animating for Universal, where he developed Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. An ownership dispute cause Disney to ...

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Who Will Be the Next CEO at Disney? These Predictions May Surprise You

Next Disney ceo

Every year, CNBC releases a list of their predictions in entertainment for the upcoming year. Last year’s article correctly predicted Bob Iger’s return to Disney as CEO. When this prediction came true just before Thanksgiving, it sent shockwaves through both the entertainment world and the Disney fan base. This year’s predictions for Disney present some equally shocking (but practical) ideas, ...

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Disney Doesn’t Want to Pay Their Taxes, Files Lawsuit

Disney taxes

What do you do when you’re a multi-billion dollar corporation and the world’s most popular theme parks with an incredible surplus of money?  You try to avoid paying your taxes, obviously.   For the second time this year, Walt Disney World hasrecently filed a dozen lawsuits to appeal the 2022 property tax assessments done by the Orange County property appraiser.  This ...

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A Christmas Miracle: Extra Reservations Open Up for Christmas

Minnie's Christmastime Fireworks

If You’re planning a last-minute Christmas trip to Walt Disney World, you’re in luck! There’s nothing better than deciding on a whim to go to the Most Magical Place on Earth.  One of my fondest childhood memories consists of us deciding, at the last minute, to drive down to Disney on Christmas day. It was a magical holiday that I’ll ...

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Disney+ Closed Ad-Free Loophole but There is a Work Around

Disney Junior mode

Disney+ has once again drawn the ire of users. When the streaming platform’s ad-supported optionstreaming platform’s ad-supported option, Disney+ Basic, was released, Disney Junior mode (not associated with the channel of the same name) was also released. Disney has stated that this new mode is to keep children from seeing ads even if their parents subscribed to Disney+ Basic. In ...

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This Classic Resort is Getting Remodeled

Grand Floridian lobby

The Grand Floridian is one of Walt Disney World’s most most beautiful resorts. While many things can be said about the Victorian-themed resort hotel, something that can never be said about it is that it is understated. True to its name, the Grand Floridian is, well…grand! That may be about to change, however. Disney has finally confirmed the long-persistent rumor ...

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Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser is Failing and We Know Why


Disney’s most expensive resort is struggling. Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser was one of the most highly anticipated projects from The Walt Disney Company in recent years, but despite the initial success, demand has dropped off. There are a million reasons why, but the fact remains Disney should’ve seen the writing on the wall. When it was shiny and new, it ...

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