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How Well Do You Know Animal Kingdom at Walt Disney World?

tree of life animal kingdom park disney

Animal Kingdom is Walt Disney World’s newest theme park.  Opening on April 22nd, 1998 this theme park recently celebrated its 21st anniversary.  How well do you know Animal Kingdom?  From the animals to the new Pandora: World of Avatar, there is tons to know about this amazing park. 1. How tall is the Tree of Life? Animal Kingdom’s Tree of ...

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How Well Do You Know Walt Disney World’s Hollywood Studios?

Disney’s Hollywood Studios is Walt Disney World’s third park to open in Florida.  Opening in 1989 called Disney’s MGM Studios, this new park focused on movies.  How well do you know the rides and shows of this park?  See how you do with these questions about Disney’s Hollywood Studios.   1. How Tall is Disney’s Twilight Zone Tower of Terror? ...

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How Well Do You Know Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom?

Magic Kingdom is the theme park that Walt Disney World is known for throughout the world. The iconic castle makes it easily one of the most recognized places in the United States.  How well do you know Magic Kingdom? The rides? The shows? The history? See if you know the answers to these questions below.   1. How fast do ...

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Understanding “Extra Hours” at Walt Disney World

Lately Walt Disney World has introduced a variety of different and unique “extra hours” experiences. These experiences allow guests to come early, stay late and enjoy the four parks in a variety of different ways. So, what are these different “extra hours” events all about? What do they include? Are they worth it?   1. Extra Magic Hours Disney’s Extra ...

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