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Universal Overtakes Disney as #1

disney vrs universal

The Walt Disney Company has been beaten out by its biggest competitor. The rivalry between Disney and Universal has existed for a long time. Both companies have established themselves as powerful forces in the world of theme parks and entertainment. They also both produce some incredibly popular movies. For years, the debate on if Universal or Disney is better has ...

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Mysterious Disney Virus Leaves Victims Incredibly Sick

sickness at disney

When you are vacationing at Walt Disney World Resort, the last thing you want is to be sick. There is nothing worse than having a vacation ruined because you are feeling under the weather. Theme Parks are places that attract a lot of germs and sickness, especially during Covid times. Some horrible Disney news has come 0ut about a mysterious ...

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A Baby’s Plea for Minnie Mouse Goes VIRAL in Hilarious TikTok

Minnie fan

Someone give this baby an Oscar! The hearts of Disney fans everywhere melted when they saw this adorable video of a baby at Walt Disney World Resort. Visiting Walt Disney World Resort can be an extremely overwhelming experience, especially for younger Disney fans. This tiny Guest was having some big emotions while waiting to meet one of Disney’s iconic characters. ...

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Monorail’s Concrete Support Beams Crumble; Guests Panic

Monorail beam

All is not well at Walt Disney World Resort. Disney fans have begun to panic after seeing some terrifying images surface on the internet. The photos show a major infrastructure concern that could potentially be extremely dangerous. With no sign of Disney doing any maintenance to remedy the situation, the public has begun to panic. Crumbling Infrastructure Poses Major Safety ...

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Can Peter Pan Pull the Sword in the Stone?!

Peter sword in the stone

This is cute enough to melt even a frozen heart! Getting to meet your favorite Disney character is one of the best parts about visiting the Parks. The magic that these characters bring to our lives is something truly special, and getting to experience that in person is unbelievable. Children especially look up to Disney characters are their personal heroes. ...

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Over 10,000 People Back Petition for Disney to Remove Sexually Explicit Children’s Content

Disney jail

The Walt Disney Company has recently been under fire for its “woke” agenda and its political stances. While some fans love Disney’s political views, others feel that they should have no place in a company geared mainly toward children’s entertainment. These conflicting opinions have continued to escalate, and now some are decided to take a stand against the company. A ...

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Disney Misses the Mark With EMBARRASSING Merch Mistake

A detailed, life-sized replica of the Millennium Falcon is showcased in a Star Wars-themed amusement park setting adorned with exclusive Star Wars merchandise. A stormtrooper stands on an elevated platform observing the scene. Rugged, rocky structures and futuristic buildings surround the iconic spaceship.

The Walt Disney Company messed up a new piece of merchandise in a major way. We get it; Disney has a lot on their hands. Right now, the Parks are in a massive transformational period. Tons of new movies, new attractions, and new leadership is happening at the Parks. While all this change is exciting, it also means that Disney ...

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“Disney Ruined My Baby’s Name,” Says Mother

Becoming a mother is a huge responsibility. Setting your child up for success is a huge pressure for new parents. One of the biggest responsibilities for parents is picking the perfect name for their baby. For one young mother, she was thrilled to have found the perfect name for her baby. Unfortunately, she no longer feels “comfortable” using the name ...

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Disney Has Come Out With Their Own Car!

disney car

The Walt Disney Company has just added an exciting new product to its repertoire. In addition to selling Disney merchandise like Mickey ears, spirit jerseys, magic bands, and trading pins, the company will now offer a new luxury item unlike anything ever sold by them before. It has just been announced that the Walt Disney Company and Hyundai have collaborated ...

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Is Rocket Dying in the New Guardians of the Galaxy Movie?!


Rocket fans, you might want to sit down for this one. All over social media, Marvel fans are freaking out over the new promotional photos for Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3. The movie, which will release on May 5, is highly anticipated by fans of the series. While many fans are thrilled over the new trailer and promo photos, some are ...

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