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8 Things To Know about the Highway in the Sky Dine Around at Walt Disney World

If you follow Disney World news at all, you’ve likely heard about the new “Highway in the Sky Dine Around” experience. This awesome dining option is unlike anything else offered on property, and is definitely something all Disney fans should check out. The experience involves riding in a private monorail car to the three “monorail resorts” near Magic Kingdom—the Contemporary, the Polynesian, and the Grand Floridian—where you will enjoy various courses of your meal. There are a number of perks that come along with your ticket purchase, and we just love that this option is now available. Wondering what you need to know before planning your Highway in the Sky Dine Around evening? Here are 8 important facts and tidbits.

1. You’ll Need a Reservation

As is the case at any of the Best Disney Dining locations, you will need a reservation for this experience. Not only that, but because they have so few spots open each night, and because they only run the Dining tour Monday through Thursday, getting a reservation can seem almost impossible. If at first you don’t succeed, keep on trying. You never know when a spot might open up!

2. Plan Your Wardrobe Accordingly

While formal attire isn’t required for the Highway in the Sky Dine Around, you will want to look nice for sure. Most people dress as if they will be having a nice dinner out—which makes perfect sense, considering they are. That said, a few people do attend in more “resort casual” attire. For the most part, you just want to make sure you look nice and presentable. This means no t-shirts, no jeans with holes, no tank tops, no swimsuits, and no flip-flops.

3. All Kinds of Weather

Many people wonder whether their tour will continue should the weather turn bad. The answer? Well, let’s just say Disney is quite prepared for Florida weather, which often includes thunderstorms. The tour is almost entirely inside, so there is no real reason to cancel due to weather unless it is very severe. Therefore, you shouldn’t let a bit of water, thunder, and lightning rain on your parade, so to speak.

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4. Expect to Spend a Pretty Penny

Eating anywhere on Disney property is going to be a bit more expensive than it would be elsewhere. Add to this the fact that you will be enjoying a fine dining experience—along with several other perks—and I’m sure it comes as no surprise that you’ll be paying quite a lot for your evening out. In fact, guests should be prepared to pay $170 each to attend this exclusive event.

5. …but Know It’s Worth It

Believe it or not, yes, we do think this particular experience is worth that high price tag. The fact that your group will be riding in a private monorail car is wonderful. The included valet parking is also awesome, as is the fact that you won’t be required to go through security lines each and every time you enter a new resort. Of course, the food is divine and plentiful as well. And finally, the private fireworks viewing area couldn’t be better. All in all, we highly recommend adding this VIP experience to your vacation if you are at all able to splurge.

6. Special Diets Considered

The menu for the Highway in the Sky Dine Around is prix fixe—literally, “fixed price” in French, but also a term sometimes used to denote a specifically set menu. This might sound like bad news for those with food allergies, but in reality, Disney is quite good at working around any dietary restrictions. Just make sure you communicate your allergies when asked, and the staff will make absolutely sure you receive a delicious and high quality meal that you can (and will) enjoy.

7. Dessert: The Sweetest Part of All

The first two stops on this tour are the Polynesian and Grand Floridian. Both stops offer fabulous food and even a bit of alcohol. However, the best stop is the last one, which just so happens to be at the Contemporary Resort. At this stop, you will be served some incredible desserts, which you can then enjoy as you view the Magic Kingdom fireworks show from a private viewing area. This is a spectacular way to see the show and a wonderful way to end any night.

8. A Special Touch to End the Evening

As you are finishing your dining tour, you will almost certainly be feeling a bit sad to go. Fortunately, Disney does a wonderful job of sweetening the painful goodbye, if only a little bit. You see, each guest receives a beautifully decorated box of chocolates on their way out. This is the perfect little souvenir, a great way to extend the fun just a bit longer, and a reminder of an incredible, magical night at Disney.

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