7 Things That Disney Insiders Do While Dining at Walt Disney World

3. Insiders Try Something Different

People who don’t know much about Walt Disney World tend to order the same type of meals that they would find in other theme parks. They’ll look for burgers, pizza, and chicken nuggets. While insiders know that there are some incredible options for those burgers, pizza, and chicken nuggets, they will often look for something outside the box. If they want a snack they might order an egg roll or hummus and chips. They’ll try as many different World Showcase restaurants as they can, so that they’ll be able to enjoy different specialties from around the world. Insiders will order a couple of appetizers and share, so that everyone at the table will be able to have a taste. Insiders will know what Couscous, Mealie Pap, and Kjottkake are. Their kids will know as well.