6 Best Reasons To Stay At A Moderate Resort At Walt Disney World

Port Orleans Riverside

6. Doubloon Lagoon – Guests who stay at Disney’s Port Orleans French Quarter Resort are treated to the ambiance and charm of New Orleans’ French Quarter complete with the Mardi Gras atmosphere and wrought iron balconies. One of the highlights of staying at Port Orleans French Quarter Resort is the main pool titled Doubloon Lagoon. Surrounding the pool are statues of alligators decked out in their finest and playing jazz instruments, some of which have water features. In addition to the alligators, there is a massive jester welcoming guests to the pool area and a water slide that is no joke. Scales the dragon winds his way around the pool and atop his head is the mighty Poseidon. Scales’ massive mouth is open to guests who can go for a thrilling water slide down his tongue into the waters below. On top of the atmosphere of Doubloon Lagoon, guests can grab a drink from nearby Mardi Grogs pool bar, relax on a lounge chair, and simply enjoy the sun and ambiance.