5 Tips & Tricks on How to Become a Galactic Hero on Buzz LightyearÂ’s Space Ranger Spin

Buzz lightyear Space Ranger Spin
Credit: Disney

Buzz LightyearÂ’s Space Ranger Spin is a favorite ride in my family. We are all serious competitors with each other every time we ride. On second thought, maybe I do more competing with myself than anything. There is just something in me that has to max out my score at 999,999 points. Without trying to sound to arrogant, I usually do just that. But it didn’Â’t happen over night. Over time I learned how to maximize my score using some simple tips and tricks IÂ’’ve compiled and shared with you below.

5. Hold the Trigger Down

To begin our list, I chose one of the easiest tricks to help your score. My trigger finger used to get fatigued from repeatedly firing my blaster. That is, until I realized you donÂ’t have to release the trigger on each shot! ThatÂ’s right, just hold the trigger down on your blaster! It will continue to fire automatically. Not only will this help your finger not hurt, allowing you get more shots, but itÂ’s perfect for little ones who have a hard time aiming at the targets. In fact, by holding the trigger down continuously, you can rack up over 1,000 points even if you never hit a target!

4. Keep Track Of Your Laser

If you think youÂ’re hitting a target but itÂ’s not registering any points, chances are you are looking at another guestÂ’s laser. ItÂ’s frustrating, trust me I know! To avoid this mistake, make sure you know which laser is yours. Seconds before entering the first room with available targets, you will have the chance to fire a few test shots. Not all of the blasters are created equal. This means some will shoot to the right a little, others to the left. If youÂ’’re lucky, you might get one that shoots straight. You will want to know which one is yours, as there are many lasers being fired all around. If you’Â’re serious about maximizing your points, try riding first thing after rope drop or late at night. With less guests on the ride, it will be easier to keep track of your laser, which means more points for you!

3. You Control the Joystick

Almost every time IÂ’’m on this ride itÂ’s with one of my younger children. They donÂ’’t care about hitting targets. They would rather just spin our vehicle to have fun. We have an agreement in place. Dad gets to control the joystick that spins the vehicle during the first half of the ride (till I max my score) then they can have control over the second half of the ride. On a recent ride, I told my kids I was done and they could have control with the joystick. It was at this point I heard some laughing. The guests next to us informed us that they didn’Â’t realize you could rotate the ride vehicle! While most of us know how to control the joystick, itÂ’s important to note that one person needs to be in charge and that person needs to be you. If you are constantly battling for control with your ride mate, neither of you will be able to get the points you need to max out your score. Offer the person you are riding with a Mickey pretzel if they donÂ’t touch the joystick. At least one of you will come off a winner!

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2. Make The Most of Ride Interruptions

There are a number of rides at Walt Disney World where the ride will temporarily stop, usually due to a guest needing a few extra moments to get on or off a ride. While this might be a slight annoyance on most rides, it is cause for rejoicing on this ride! If your vehicle stops, don’Â’t stop shooting! Even though your vehicle may not be traveling, your laser blaster still works! Rotate your vehicle, aim for a high point target and hold that trigger down! The longer you are stopped, the better.

1. Know the High Point Targets

Our top tip will leave you with the best way to maximize your score. It is essential to know which targets have the highest value. And, lucky for you we are going to let you know which targets those are! There are three targets where the bulls eye will increase your score by 100,000 points each and every time you hit it! Ready?

-The left hand of the robot in the first room. This should be the first target you aim for. This is also a moving target and is difficult to hit, but you will be handsomely rewarded.
-Still in the first room, hit the target on the claw above you. Because you cannot aim straight up, wait until you are passing this target to try to hit it.
-The third room has Zurg himself. Aim for the lowest target below him. Remember how not all blasters are created equal? This could prove to make things difficult. Chances are you will not be able to hit this target when you are directly in front of it. Aim as you approach and then again after you pass by. Get this one right and you could easily hit this target five or six times which translates into as many as 600,000 points.

With these tips and tricks in mind, you shouldn’Â’t have any problem becoming a Galactic Hero! If you do reach galactic hero status, take a picture of your score and show it to a cast member upon exiting. They might congratulate you with a sticker showcasing your accomplishments. If nothing else, you can send that picture to all your friends and family or post on social media to make them all jealous! Have you already achieved Galactic Hero status? Tell us your top score in the comments!

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