5 FastPasses You Should Reserve and 5 You Shouldn’t at Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World is a virtual smorgasbord of attractions, rides, live entertainment, nighttime shows and character encounters. You’ll never find yourself in a park at Disney World wondering what in the world you could be doing with your time. That’s because there are enough attractions to keep you entertained and enthralled for days and days—almost indefinitely. That’s one of the reasons 50 million people visit the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida each and every year. But that’s a huge number of people visiting the same vacation destination—even if that number is spread out over the year. Just think—50 million people—that’s over 22 times the population of Dallas, Texas! It’s almost 6 times the population of New York City, New York! What’s a Disney fan to do? Thanks to Disney’s FastPass+ service, the answer is no! The FastPass+ system allows Guests to secure a “reservation” or time to enjoy an attraction, thus lessening or completely eliminating the amount of time a Guest must wait in line to experience an attraction. But since you’re only permitted to make 3 FastPass+ selections each day, you’re going to want to use them wisely. You won’t need a FastPass+ for every attraction, but for some attractions, a FastPass+ time is almost mandatory if you don’t want to waste precious park time by simply standing in line. Here’s how to use those selections wisely.

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