5 FastPasses You Should Reserve and 5 You Shouldn’t at Walt Disney World


6) You SHOULD reserve Avatar Flight of Passage – Animal Kingdom

If you haven’t heard about Pandora, you haven’t heard about Disney World. The new land of Pandora at Disney’s Animal Kingdom is by far one of the most popular areas in the entire theme park. And one of its signature attractions might just be one of the most popular in all of the Walt Disney World Resort right now. Guests are invited to “fly” on the back of a banshee over the breathtaking landscape of this amazing place in a 3D simulation attraction unlike any you’ve enjoyed at Disney World so far. To the Na’vi people, learning to fly on the back of the banshee is a rite of passage, especially for a Na’vi warrior. Do you have what it takes to complete that special rite of passage and become a Na’vi warrior? Without a FastPass+ time, you may not have the opportunity, and if you do, it may cost you as much as three to four hours of precious park time spent in the stand-by queue. Be sure to get a FastPass+ time because this is not the attraction to simply forgo because the lines were too long. Since May of 2017, the Avatar: Flight of Passage attraction is the experience that completes a Guest’s experience at Animal Kingdom. Don’t be left out—it’s an experience you’ll never forget. (Photo credit: Disney)