15 Signature Foods You Must Try at Walt Disney World

13) Popcorn (Various Locations)

Popcorn is another classic treat that tastes better at Walt Disney World. The main type that you can find in the parks is vegan, which means it can be enjoyed by those who don't consume animal products. If you want to make your popcorn taste even better, order it in a souvenir bucket. You might be able to find fun designs such as Cinderella's Carriage or Han Solo in Carbonite. The best part of the souvenir bucket is that it is refillable. For a low price per refill you can enjoy more popcorn. If plain popcorn isn't what you're looking for, head into one of many stores and look for the flavored popcorn display. You'll find creative flavors such as Parmesan Garlic, Chocolate Mint, Sriracha Kettle Corn, and Cookies & Cream. Disney takes flavored popcorn to a whole new level, you'll want to try more than one flavor.