15 Signature Foods You Must Try at Walt Disney World

4) The "Grey Stuff" (Be Our Guest Restaurant, Magic Kingdom)

You don't have to be a fan of Beauty and the Beast to know that the "Grey Stuff" is supposed to be delicious. Fortunately, it lives up to the hype. At breakfast and lunch you can find the "Grey Stuff" on top of The Master's Cupcake. That's a chocolate sponge cupcake, topped with the treat instead of icing. At dinner you can order The "Grey Stuff" on it's own. This time it is on top of a chocolate shell. The "Grey Stuff" is actually a simple dish, it's chocolate and vanilla pudding mixed with whipped topping and a couple of other ingredients. What makes it special is the presentation. It looks elegant on the Be Our Guest plate, and it's topped with edible pearls. Remember that Be Our Guest Restaurant is one of the hardest to obtain reservations at Walt Disney World. You will want to start trying to get on the list the moment that you are able. Reservations are needed for all three meals, not just dinner.