15 Reasons You Should Move to Orlando and Work at Walt Disney World

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1) You Love All Things Disney The main reason why you should consider relocating to Orlando and working at Walt Disney World is because you love all things Disney. Does this sound like you? You still cry when Belle and the Beast dance, no matter how many times you've seen either movie. You are sure that all the toys in your house spring to life the moment you leave a room. You listen to the Frozen soundtrack when there are no kids in the car with you. You proudly wear Winnie the Pooh slippers around your home. You eat Mickey shaped pasta off of Minnie plates at least once a week. You start planning your next Walt Disney World vacation before you have left home for the one that you are about to take. You see Hidden Mickeys everywhere. Your friends all ask you for advice when planning their trips, and they joke about how they expect you to move to Orlando "one of these days". If that describes your life, then maybe that day has finally arrived. Don't worry about leaving your friends behind, they'll be more than happy to visit you, stay at your house, and use your free tickets as soon as the first snowstorm of the season hits.
By PaulaK