15 Incredible Disney Desserts/Snacks You Won't Be Able to Resist

Turkey Leg
  1. Turkey Leg -- A savory snack option that many guests either absolutely love or hate can be found on the shores of the Rivers of America in the Magic Kingdom’s Frontierland. Turkey Legs are a massive and delicious treat to enjoy while strolling through the park, and they are definitely big enough to share. They are sold at a small cart on the Rivers of America side of the walkway near the breezeway that passes through to Adventureland. Guests will definitely smell the savory scent of turkey legs as they are wandering the area and might just find themselves on line for the delicious treat! Combining a crispy outer skin and tender meat, hot and juicy turkey legs are an amazing snack to enjoy while wandering through the Magic Kingdom! (Photo Credit www.DoctorDisney.com)