15 Incredible Disney Desserts/Snacks You Won't Be Able to Resist

  1. Dole Whip -- The other favorite snack of many guests that can be found in Adventureland is the Dole Whip. Aloha Isle can be found just across from the entrance to the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse and features a counter style ordering system and a pretty consistent line. Dole Whips are super popular with guests and feature soft serve ice cream in either pineapple, vanilla, or swirled flavors. While the Dole Whip is delicious as a soft serve ice cream, it can be made even more decadent by combining it with fresh pineapple juice to create a Dole Whip Float. With tangy and sweet pineapple and the refreshing coolness of ice cream, the Dole Whip or Dole Whip Float are great treats that guests can’t say no to when exploring Adventureland.