15 Hidden Mickeys You Can Find At Walt Disney World

Many guests who visit Walt Disney World find themselves totally hooked and returning time and time again to enjoy more vacations there. While many guests love to enjoy the attractions, dining, entertainment, and shopping, there is something else that guests simply cannot get enough of. Every inch of Walt Disney World is so incredibly themed and immersed in a fantastic level of detail, making it easy for guests to completely believe that they have traveled back in time, into a world of fantasy, blasted off into space, and so many other amazing places. Hidden amongst all of the detail throughout Walt Disney World are Hidden Mickeys which can resemble the mouse himself or other recognizable characters like Minnie, Donald, or Tinkerbell. Hidden Mickeys can be incorporated into design, architectural, or even living, and they range in difficulty from very easy to spot to incredibly hard to locate. Since there are countless Hidden Mickeys that require all sorts of skill levels to find, guests of all ages love searching for them on every vacation. Here are fifteen Hidden Mickeys that guests can find at Walt Disney World.

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