15 Hidden Mickeys You Can Find At Walt Disney World

13) Tree of Life Hippo – The icon of Disney’s Animal Kingdom is the absolutely stunning Tree of Life. Found on Discovery Island, the massive structure can be seen from many different vantage points from around the park as it towers many stories high. While there are countless branches and thousands of vibrant green leaves that sway in the breeze, it is the trunk of the Tree of Life that is truly beautiful. The entire trunk and roots are intricately carved with hundreds of different animals and insects that are extremely lifelike. Guests who take the time to observe the Tree of Life from different locations are sure to find many new animals that are perfectly carved. When looking at the back of the Tree of Life from the walkway between the Africa and Asia sections of the park, guests should look for the carving of a hippo. Just above the hippo’s eye, guests can then spot a classic Hidden Mickey that has been turned upside down.