15 Hidden Mickeys You Can Find At Walt Disney World

Splash Mountain
2) Splash Mountain’s Rock – Guests who are looking to enjoy a soaking adventure in the Magic Kingdom should head over to Frontierland where they can conquer one of the park’s mountains. Splash Mountain has guests board logs and set sail with Br’er Rabbit who leaves his home in search of more adventure. Along the way he is constantly chased by Br’er Fox and Br’er Bear who eventually capture him and threaten to eat him. As guests ascend the large lit hill towards the final thrilling drop of Splash Mountain, they should pay attention to some of the rockwork on the left hand side of the opening that they emerge from. The rockwork there features a section that juts out and forms Mickey’s nose. Guests who then look more closely will find the rest of his face in the rockwork! What’s great about this Hidden Mickey is that is can be enjoyed from Splash Mountain itself as well as from the bridge outside the attraction here guests can stand and spot it on the right hand side of the opening.