15 Hidden Mickeys You Can Find At Walt Disney World

3) Steamboat Willie – Guests who are fans of Ariel and the story of The Little Mermaid will absolutely love an attraction found in the Magic Kingdom’s New Fantasyland. Under the Sea – Journey of the Little Mermaid has guests board pink clam shells and set off on a wonderful experience where they can relive classic moments from the animated film including Ariel and Prince Eric’s happy ending. After enjoying the attraction, guests disembark their clam shells and exit back into New Fantasyland on a walkway that features a small pond on the right hand side. Guests who pause by this pond and really pay close attention to the rocks on the left hand side of it can spot one of the most difficult Hidden Mickeys in all of Walt Disney World. A massive Hidden Steamboat Willie can be found there formed by several rocks put together from the right perspective. One rock forms Mickey’s head, another forms the steering wheel, and together they form an entire bodied Steamboat Willie!