14 Ways Walt Disney World's Pandora Will Blow You Away

12) Avatar Flight of Passage Queue There are two new rides in Pandora. Since large crowds are expected for the foreseeable future, the queue lines are almost attractions in and of themselves. Of special note is the queue for Avatar Flight of Passage. It holds guests for an estimated six hour wait, with three hours of it inside. Every inch of the line oozes with details. Outdoors you'll walk amid the flora of the Valley of Mo'ara, and if you listen you can hear animals as well. There is one spot in the outdoor queue where you'll want to stop and take a picture, it's an incredible view of the land below. The indoor queue is even more spectacular. You'll wander through glowing caves, complete with drawings. Eventually you'll end up in a research facility. This is where you'll see the floating Avatar, which is one of the most photographed images in the new land. The Avatar Flight of Passage queue makes the wait more bearable.