14 Incredible Experiences For Your Bucket List At Walt Disney World

9. Keys to the Kingdom Tour -- Guests who love the Magic Kingdom are sure to enjoy spending lots to time there thanks to the immense level of detail found in every land that brings that area to life. While guests can appreciate the surface details, there are plenty of amazing experiences in the park that happen consistently behind the scenes. Luckily there is the perfect tour for guests who have a bucket list item of learning more about the backstage areas of the Magic Kingdom. Disney’s Keys to the Kingdom Tour occurs several times each day in the park and is a five hour walking tour that explores many different areas. Throughout the experience, guests can enjoy restricted areas at attractions like the Jungle Cruise and the Haunted Mansion, enjoy a delicious lunch together, learn more about the history and hidden secrets of the park, discover more about Walt Disney himself, and check out the famous Utilidors. The Utilidors are found underneath most of the park and feature many backstage areas such as costuming, break rooms, deliveries, and much more. Disney’s Keys to the Kingdom Tours are led by knowledgeable Cast Members who pride themselves in sharing their love and knowledge of the park with interested guests. The tour is open to guests sixteen years and older and costs ninety nine dollars in addition to park admission.