14 Incredible Experiences For Your Bucket List At Walt Disney World

5. Meeting A Yeti -- One experience in Walt Disney World is so thrilling that it offers guests the chance to come face to face with a creature that many believe only existed in legends. Disney’s Animal Kingdom is home to Expedition Everest which brings guests to the foothills of the beautiful Himalayan Mountains. Guests enter into the queue and are immersed with the offices of Himalayan Escapes - Tours and Expeditions before passing through a detailed museum dedicated to the legend of the Yeti. Once on board the attraction, the experience begins with a scenic tour of the foothills of the mountain before the ascent begins and guests find themselves high up with a breathtaking view of other areas of Walt Disney World. Suddenly, guests are faced with a piece of ominously broken track forcing them to plunge at high speeds deep inside the mountains. There, the fabled Yeti waits for them, first in silhouette and then in full force reaching down to try and scoop guests up. While the legend of the Yeti may seem like only a fable, guests are sure to think the creature is real after encountering it on Expedition Everest!