14 Incredible Experiences For Your Bucket List At Walt Disney World

Mission Space
6. Exploring Mars -- Many guests have experienced fantasies about exploring outer space when they were children that have continued into adulthood and beyond. Space travel and exploration is a very thrilling subject, and guests can enjoy feeling as though they have traveled to the future and other galaxies in several locations in Walt Disney World including Tomorrowland in the Magic Kingdom. In addition to those experiences, there is a particularly thrilling one found in Epcot’s Future World that allows guests to train like astronauts and explore uncharted territory. Mission: SPACE invites guests into the International Space Training Station to join an elite team training for the very first mission to Mars. Guests are assigned certain roles including the Navigator, Pilot, Engineer, and Commander and are given specific duties to perform throughout the experience to ensure that their mission is a success. While Mission: SPACE is thrilling, the attraction offers two different versions so that guests who might not enjoy high thrill levels can still enjoy the adventure. When entering into the queue for the attraction, guests can opt to join the Green Team for a less intense version or the Orange Team which features multiple G forces and spinning sensations. No matter what team a guest chooses, they can enjoy the same thrilling adventure that allows them to explore Mars!