14 Incredible Experiences For Your Bucket List At Walt Disney World

14. Kiss Goodnight -- Every Walt Disney World vacation calls for a magical moment after hours in one of the most beautiful locations on property. Guests can luckily enjoy a quiet special moment like this every evening in the Magic Kingdom. Once the park closes for the night, guests who wait near Cinderella Castle can enjoy a wonderful ending to their magical day that sums up just how special the park is. The Kiss Goodnight occurs each evening about thirty minutes after the park officially closes, and entails a special package that combines lighting, music, and a moving speech. Guests can enjoy the quiet of the emptying park as Cinderella Castle changes colors to look beautiful in the night’s darkness. Accompanying the lighting are beautiful arrangements of some of the most classic Disney music and a speech that thanks guests for spending their time in the most magical place on Earth. While this moment is a quiet one compared to others on this bucket list, it is the perfect way to end a magical day in the Magic Kingdom and should at least be experienced once.