14 Disney Restaurants You Have To Try At Least Once

9) The BOATHOUSE atĀ The Landing, Disney Springs The official name of The BOATHOUSE is The BOATHOUSE: Great Food, Waterfront Dining, Dream Boats. That may be a mouthful, but it also describes what the place is all about. The food is so fresh that what you find on the menu on Sunday may not be available on Monday. What you will find is a raw bar, lots of fish and other seafood, sandwiches, steaks, and other such items. Once you've finished your meal, browse through the Ship's Store to see some unique items, and plenty of rubber ducks. Make sure you also take a 20 minute trip in an Amphicar. These vehicles can travel by land and by sea. The BOATHOUSE is the only place where you will find them. An Amphicar tour can be the perfect ending to an unforgettable meal.