14 Bizarre Facts That You May Not Know About Walt Disney World

8) Utilidors

Ever wonder why you don't see a Cast Member from Adventureland walking across Tomorrowland? That's because most of the Magic Kingdom is built on the second story level. The water level in Central Florida is too high to be able to have underground tunnels, so the park was built up higher instead. The first level is known as the "utilidors". Cast Members use them to get from one area of the park to another. Food and merchandise is moved to the correct area using the utilidors. Waste from the park is sorted down there as well. The utilidors are also where characters will go to take a break. It is possible to experience the first level for yourself. Disney's Keys to the Kingdom Tour will take you there and to many other backstage areas of the most visited theme park on the planet. Backstage Magic will take you to even more places. Call 407-WDW-TOUR (407-939-8687) for more information.