14 Bizarre Facts That You May Not Know About Walt Disney World

6) Disney College Program

Most Walt Disney World Cast Members wear name tags that have their first names and their hometowns. Sometimes, you'll see someone who has the name of a college or university instead of a hometown. These aren't just Cast Members who are proud of their colleges (although many of them are), they are members of the Disney College Program. There are over 60,000 jobs at Walt Disney World, and sometimes they have a hard time finding the right candidates. That is where the Disney College Program comes in. Students 18 and older will spend a semester (or longer) working in some capacity. The Disney College Program dates back to 1981, and thousands of students participate each year. Students live in nearby apartments, and gain valuable life experience. Internship credit may be earned, at the school's discretion. Most Disney College Program graduates agree that the program was a great experience. Some current Cast Members started in the Disney College Program.