14 Apps to Get Your Smartphone Ready for Disney

3) The Weather Channel The weather in Central Florida is all over the place. In the summer it will be hot and humid, with a chance of thunderstorms most days. Once the rainy season is over there is no normal. It can be in the 80's in January, or there might be a freeze warning. The Weather Channel app is great for Florida weather. You can check the forecast 15 days out, which will help you to know what to pack. Once you're at Walt Disney World you can see the hourly forecast for 48 hours, so that you'll have an idea if it's supposed to rain and when. You can also setup notifications from the app, so that you will learn the exact minute that the rain is supposed to start. Don't let a chance of rain ruin your mood, summer storms usually pass quickly. With The Weather Channel app, you'll know when the rain is supposed to end as well.