13 Tips and Secrets for Walt Disney World

6) Buy Disney Gift Cards at a Discount! There are a couple of ways that buying Disney Gift Cards can help you to save. Buy your gift cards in bulk. You can find the cards for sale in your local discount stores in packages. Often you can find a deal such as a pack of four $25 gift cards for about $96. Also, if your store has a cash back program or loyalty card, that can help you to pay less for the cards. If you purchase them with a credit card that has cash back, use that money to buy more gift cards. Your gift cards can be combined, and used to pay off your Walt Disney World vacation. You can use them for your rooms, your tickets, in the stores and restaurants, and more. Disney Gift Cards can also help you to control your spending once you are at Walt Disney World. Purchase the cards ahead of time, and use them for souvenirs and meals. Don't pull out your credit or debit card, use only gift cards for such purchases. Give your kids each a card so that they will understand how much they can spend on souvenirs. You don't want to have credit card shock once you return home, and using Disney Gift Cards can help you to avoid that terrible feeling. (Photo credit: Disney)