13 Tips and Secrets for Walt Disney World

10) Plan For All Types of Weather The weather in Central Florida can be all over the place. In the summer months you can expect for it to be extremely hot and humid each day, and there will be a chance of thunderstorms each afternoon. Fall and spring are usually on the hot side, and the winter months can bring anything from record high temperatures to freeze warnings. Check the forecast before you leave home so that you will know how to pack. Don't assume that because it's Florida that February will be warm, it might not be. Also, don't let the threat of storms in the summer worry you. They happen most days, it's the normal weather pattern, but they usually pass quickly. Throw some cheap ponchos into your bag so that you can stay dry if you're caught off guard, and plan to shop, eat, or ride something indoors during the storms. No matter what time of year you travel, use sunscreen and drink plenty of water. You don't want to chance ending up sick or in pain.