13 Tips and Secrets for Walt Disney World

13) The Best Days To Visit Any day at Walt Disney World will be busy, but some are crazier than others. If a park has morning Extra Magic Hours, you can expect that park to be more crowded than normal for the rest of the day. If the Extra Magic Hours are in the evening, the crowd will pick up a couple of hours before closing. If you're staying off property, avoid the park with Extra Magic Hours for smaller crowds. If you're staying on property, by all means take advantage of EMH, but plan to park hop when the crowd picks up. Another thing that you might want to keep in mind when planning is that Mondays at the Magic Kingdom tend to be busiest. That is because many families arrive on Sunday evening, and they want to start their vacation in the park where the magic all began. Mondays at the Magic Kingdom are usually more crowded than even Saturdays, so you might want to visit a different park on Monday.