13 Tips and Secrets for Walt Disney World

2) Take a Break Heading back to your hotel to take a nap might sound like a waste of some of your theme park time, but it can make a huge difference in how you feel for the rest of the day. It is exhausting to be in a theme park when it opens and stay until it closes. You will walk for miles each day while you are there, and you probably will eat differently than your body is used to. The Florida heat will take a toll as well. Taking a couple of hours off can help you to recharge, and you'll have a better time the rest of the day. If you don't want to leave the park, enjoy a show or two, or hit the slower rides in the middle of the day. Another break that you might want to take is in the middle of your vacation. Plan to spend one day away from the parks. Sleep in, eat a leisurely breakfast, and then relax by the hotel pool or spend the day resort hopping. Taking a break from the theme parks will help you to enjoy them even more when you do return.