13 Things You Must Take Into Disney Parks

9) Rain Gear

If it's a few days before your July trip to Walt Disney World you will probably panic when you check the local forecast. There is a good chance that you will see the possibility of rain every single day! Instead of worrying about it, head to your local discount store and buy a bunch of cheap ponchos for everyone in your family. Throw one for each person into the backpack before you head to the parks for the day. If it rains, don't let a little bit of water stop you from having fun. The outdoor rides will shut down if there is lightning in the vicinity, but there is still plenty to do. If there's lightning find a place to wait out the storm indoors, but otherwise pull out the ponchos and head to your next destination. When the rain has passed, throw them in the trash and pull your dry socks out of your bag. Soon the storm will be just a memory. Ponchos make more sense than umbrellas for two reasons. First, with the storms in Florida there is usually wind, and an umbrella will not protect you well if the rain is blowing. Second, you'll then end up carrying around a wet umbrella for the rest of the day. Cheap ponchos are disposable.