13 Things You Must Take Into Disney Parks

13) Gift Cards It is a smart idea to have a few gift cards with you on your Disney vacation. They could be Disney Gift Cards, or you may want something that you can use anywhere. While everyone wants to think of Disney as a safe place, there are always people out there who want to steal your information. If your credit card is compromised and the account shut down immediately, you'll want to be able to still buy food and souvenirs. Gift cards that aren't associated with your credit or debit card will help you to be able to continue enjoying your vacation. Another thing to remember if you're staying at a Walt Disney World Resort, MagicBands are fantastic but there are sometimes problems. If the system goes down you can use gift cards for your purchases. Gift cards help kids to control their spending and learn to be responsible with money, so give one to each child and tell them that that is their budget for souvenirs. If you don't like using gift cards for some reason, carry some cash with you for an emergency.