13 Things You Must Take Into Disney Parks

11) Broken in Shoes and Dry Socks It is not uncommon to walk ten miles or more in one day at any of the Disney Parks. Do you really want to do all of that walking in shoes that have rough spots and that your feet are not used to? Don't worry about fashion, think about comfort instead, and have broken in shoes for each member of your party. Also, throw into your bag a pair of clean, dry socks for everyone who will be with you. Keep them in zipper bags, which also come in handy in the parks. There is a wet season in Florida. During the summer there will be a chance of rain most days. The storms pass quickly, but your socks won't dry at the same rate. If you have dry socks you will use them! Even if you aren't visiting when there is a chance of rain you will want to have dry socks for after you hit Splash Mountain or Kali River Rapids.