13 Things You Must Take Into Disney Parks

5) Recent Pictures

The Disney Parks are huge, and it is easy to get lost, even if you have been to that park before. Groups get separated all the time. One fun way to prepare in case something goes wrong is to take a picture of each member of your group that morning. You can find a fun spot at the hotel near a palm tree, or maybe snap them near the entrance of the park. If you have a picture from that morning, you will be able to show security what your kids look like and what they are wearing if you do get separated. Take the pictures on your phone and then make sure that everyone who has a phone has a copy. You don't have to have kids with you to do this. Adults will also get separated from each other. If you can show Cast Members (and even guests who want to help) exactly who they are looking for and what they are wearing, it will make the search easier for everyone. A bonus is that when your vacation is over, you'll have great pictures of everyone in your party from each morning of your vacation.