13 Things That Drive Us Crazy at Walt Disney World

6) Closures

It can be frustrating to show up at one of the Walt Disney World theme parks and discover that your favorite ride or attraction is closed. If the weather is bad don't worry, the ride will be up and running again as soon as the storm has passed. Sometimes the ride closes temporarily for another reason. If you have a FastPass+ for a closed attraction check your email, because there will be instructions on what you can do to replace that selection. It is unusual for a ride to be unexpectedly closed for an entire day, usually the issue is taken care of quickly. It's a different story if the ride is closed for refurbishment. It's not a bad idea to check the latest refurbishment schedule before you leave home so that you won't be caught by surprise. The worst is when a favorite ride, show, or restaurant closes for good. There are still people who swear that they will never forgive Disney for closing Mr. Toad's Wild Ride at Walt Disney World. That ride has been gone since 1998.