13 Things That Drive Us Crazy at Walt Disney World

9) Bag Check Delays

Bag check is a fact of life in today's society. It is an annoyance that helps to keep people safe. Banned items are found all the time at bag check, these are things that do not belong in a Walt Disney World theme park. What will drive you crazy is when there is a delay because someone is not prepared. There are a few simple things that you can do to make the bag check line continue to flow smoothly. First, unzip all of the zippers on your bag, not just the main one. Second, place the bag on the table. Third, make sure that you are not wearing the bag at all. It has to have been completely removed from your body. Finally, if you have any banned items (including things such as selfie sticks and most glass bottles), tell the Security Cast Member before he or she gets to your bag. Don't hope that the item is missed in the inspection. If you let Security know ahead of time, in most cases you will be told what needs to be done to check the item. You will then be able to pick it up when you leave. A little bit of courtesy will go a long way when going through the bag check line.