13 Things That Drive Us Crazy at Walt Disney World

3) Guests Who Are Rude to Cast Members

Cast Members work long hours on their feet in the sun. They do their best to keep smiles on their faces, even if they are having a bad day. There is never a reason why you should be rude to a Cast Member. If you have a problem, explain it to someone, and he or she will do their best to assist you. Remember that the Cast Members that you come across do not set the prices in the stores, they do not decide that a ride needs to be shut down, and they are following procedure when they have you park at the far end of a row. Cast Members are human beings with feelings, sorrows, joys, dreams, and goals. There is no reason to raise your voice, point, swear, or do anything else that would be considered hostile or rude. Instead, try being extra nice to Cast Members. Say "hello" when you walk by, thank the person who checks your harness, and tell the cashier to have a fantastic day. Sometimes a smile and a wave will be all that it takes to turn a Cast Member's bad day into a good one.