13 Things That Drive Us Crazy at Walt Disney World

5) People Who Cut in Line

Everyone needs to wait their turn, but some guests seem to think that the rules shouldn't apply to them. It can be infuriating when people cut in front of you, or even worse when one person holds a place for a dozen people, who are all riding something else. Occasionally a person or group will cut by accident. They thought that they were at the end of the line and didn't realize that it kept going. If that is the case, don't let it upset you. Politely mention to the person or group where the actual end of the line is. If it was by mistake, they should move to the correct spot. The infuriating thing is when someone has no regard for the other guests, or for the rules. They have no problem trying to find a closer place in line, at your expense. If it really bothers you when it happens, mention it to a Cast Member. They might not do anything about it (they need to have proof), but repeat cutting can get someone removed from the park.