13 Things That Drive Us Crazy at Walt Disney World


8) Lines for Buses

At the end of a long day in a theme park you are tired and want to get back to your hotel to get some sleep. The last thing that you want to do is to wait in line for a bus; with dozens of other families. You have two choices. You can wait in the line, knowing that it will move quickly because Disney will keep sending buses until everyone is back at their hotels. Or, you can grab a cab or use a ride sharing service. Either way, prepare yourself mentally ahead of time for the line, and then it won’t bother you quite as much. If you decide to skip the bus, you might want to consider using the new Minnie Vans service. These Chevrolet Traverse vehicles are for up to six passengers. You will pay one flat fee, and can go just about anywhere on Walt Disney World property. Car seats are included. You’ll love riding in a red vehicle with white polka dots. Minnie Vans will allow you to keep the Disney magic flowing, and keep you out of the line for the bus in style.

7) FastPass+ Tiers

FastPass+ makes it so that you will have three fewer lines to wait in each day of your vacation. The “problem” with the system is that three of the four parks use tiers. You’ll pick one choice from Tier One, and then make two from Tier Two. The part that will drive you batty is that the most popular rides are all Tier One attractions, which means that you’ll have some difficult choices to make. The worst is at Epcot, where Frozen Ever After, Test Track, and Soarin’ are all Tier One. The Magic Kingdom is the only park that doesn’t use tiers, which is something to be grateful for. The best strategy in the other three parks is to grab a Tier One FastPass+ for something that is important to you, then head to a different Tier One attraction the moment the park opens and then wait in the standby line. The lines are shortest first thing in the morning. Sometimes you will be able to get a Tier One attraction for your fourth FastPass+ selection (you can make that in the park after you’ve used the first three), but don’t expect to get one for the most popular selections such as Avatar Flight of Passage and Frozen Ever After.

6) Closures

It can be frustrating to show up at one of the Walt Disney World theme parks and discover that your favorite ride or attraction is closed. If the weather is bad don’t worry, the ride will be up and running again as soon as the storm has passed. Sometimes the ride closes temporarily for another reason. If you have a FastPass+ for a closed attraction check your email, because there will be instructions on what you can do to replace that selection. It is unusual for a ride to be unexpectedly closed for an entire day, usually the issue is taken care of quickly. It’s a different story if the ride is closed for refurbishment. It’s not a bad idea to check the latest refurbishment schedule before you leave home so that you won’t be caught by surprise. The worst is when a favorite ride, show, or restaurant closes for good. There are still people who swear that they will never forgive Disney for closing Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride at Walt Disney World. That ride has been gone since 1998.

5) People Who Cut in Line

Everyone needs to wait their turn, but some guests seem to think that the rules shouldn’t apply to them. It can be infuriating when people cut in front of you, or even worse when one person holds a place for a dozen people, who are all riding something else. Occasionally a person or group will cut by accident. They thought that they were at the end of the line and didn’t realize that it kept going. If that is the case, don’t let it upset you. Politely mention to the person or group where the actual end of the line is. If it was by mistake, they should move to the correct spot. The infuriating thing is when someone has no regard for the other guests, or for the rules. They have no problem trying to find a closer place in line, at your expense. If it really bothers you when it happens, mention it to a Cast Member. They might not do anything about it (they need to have proof), but repeat cutting can get someone removed from the park.

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