Top 13 Secret Finds at Walt Disney World


4. Pointing

The next time you park your car at Walt Disney World or you ask a Cast Member for directions to the nearest restroom, watch how he or she points. Cast Members are not allowed to point with one finger, as is the norm in the United States. Instead, they will point with an open palm and two fingers. This is because pointing with one finger is a rude gesture in some parts of the world, and Disney doesn’t want to risk offending anyone. It is also easier to see. Occasionally you will see someone point with just one finger out of habit. When Disney notices, that Cast Member will be reminded of the proper way to point while at work.

3. Elvis Tribute

Also found in the loading area of the Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith is another musical reference that pays tribute to the king of rock and roll. Located above guests’ heads as they approach the loading platform are hanging signs that are shaped like electric guitars. The signs feature important safety information including how to properly pull down on the restraints and guests who are not advised to enjoy the attraction. Guests who look at the bottom of each of these safety signs will notice a rather unique thank you. Each sign concludes with the phrase “thank you vera much” which pays tribute to Elvis Presley and his unique accent and way of speaking. (Photo Credit Disney)

2. A 7-in-1 Character Meet and Greet

There is an elusive character meet and greet that allows guests to meet seven characters at one meet and greet. Guests can meet all seven dwarfs during Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party, and Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party, usually in Fantasyland. These meet and greets are unscheduled and they don’t sign autographs, but they do pose for photos. The two holiday parties are the only occasions the dwarfs seem to appear together to meet guests. (Photo Credit http://www.mousesteps.com)

1. The Key Under the Mat, Muppet Vision 3-D, Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Our number 1 find is back at Hollywood Studios in Muppet Vision 3-D.  Really the entire queue or waiting area of this attraction is filled with tributes, inside jokes, and funny props, so take your time waiting for the next show to walk around (as much as you can) and check out all of the gags.  But the secret I’m highlighting here is the key under the mat.

Immediately, as you enter the building, there is an area set up like a reception desk.  There is a sign always there that says “Back in 5 Minutes . . .key is under mat!”  Well, they mean it!  Just lift up the mat and see for yourself. This just scratches the surface on the tributes, secrets, hidden treasures and more that you can find at Walt Disney World.  What are your favorite things to discover while you enjoy the parks? (Photo Credit Michael Gray)

Bonus Secret: Lucky Number 13

Keep an eye on the standby line wait times for The Haunted Mansion at Magic Kingdom, and The Tower of Terror at Hollywood Studios. If either attraction has a wait time of 13 minutes for the standby line, get in line! 13 minutes is a ‘code’ for no wait time at all. In the case of these two attractions, number 13 happens to be a lucky number! (Photo Credit: Meeko)

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