13 Rookie Mistakes at Walt Disney World Resort

8. Rookies often don’t take advantage of the help of Cast Members. One of the many things that makes Walt Disney World the vacation destination of choice for millions of people every year is the stellar, second-to-none customer service offered by Disney employees, referred to as “Cast Members.” Each of the four parks at Disney houses Guest Services locations. At these locations, you can upgrade your park tickets to annual passes, get help with dining reservations and FastPass+ selections, pick up maps of the parks, find answers to all of your questions and much, much more. While you’re strolling through the parks, you can ask any Cast Member about the location of an attraction, what time the parade starts, where the nearest restrooms are and more! They’re always happy to help. Don’t be a rookie. Rookies often go it alone, deciding that they can navigate the parks on their own with no help from anyone—and on their first visit. Impossible. Disney World is a huge place. Unless you frequently visit the parks, you’ll need the assistance of a Cast Member from time to time. And even if you’re very familiar with the parks, you may also need assistance. That’s what Cast Members are there for, so take advantage of their cheerful smiles and their helpful information!