13 Rookie Mistakes at Walt Disney World Resort

4. Rookies often buy all their souvenirs on the first day.

If you think Disney offers a lot in the way of attractions, entertainment and dining, just wait until you see all the Disney merchandise and souvenirs available for purchase at almost every turn in the parks. Mickey ears, jewelry, handbags, stationery, stemware, drinkware, kitchen gadgets, wallets, postcards, trading pins, picture frames, scrapbooks, photo albums, autograph books…… The list is endless! But you’ll do better to browse all week long and then make your purchases on the last day of your trip.

Rookies get so excited about the wonderland of “take-home” goodies before their eyes, that they succumb to the temptation to indulge in instant gratification and begin buying souvenirs on day one. The result? A fickle mind about what you want most and too many souvenirs to fit into your carry-on. Enter the checked baggage fee at the airport. Yikes! Don’t be a rookie.