13 Money Saving Dining Tips

9) Buy a Refillable Popcorn Bucket Popcorn makes a great snack that your whole family can munch on when hunger pangs hit. It can help to keep everyone satisfied until it is time for your next meal. Souvenir popcorn buckets have always been popular at Walt Disney World, and they are now better than ever. Some of the souvenir buckets are now refillable. You purchase the bucket, and each time you want more popcorn you just pay a small amount to have them fill it up again. The bucket will be good for the length of your stay. You can save a lot on snacks by using the bucket. Make sure when you buy the souvenir bucket that it is refillable, just to be sure. When your vacation is over, the bucket is yours to keep. Maybe you can use it for popcorn while watching a Disney movie back home.