13 Money Saving Dining Tips

1) Drink Ice Water It is important to stay hydrated under the hot Florida sun, but bottled and fountain drinks are expensive. There is a simple solution. Ask for a free cup of ice water at any of the Walt Disney World restaurants. If you are at a full service restaurant order water instead of a different drink. You will stay more hydrated when drinking water, and it is refreshing. If you're at a counter service restaurant just ask for a cup of ice water, you don't even need to order anything. Some counter service restaurants will give you a cup that is full, others will hand you an empty cup and you can add as much or as little ice and water as you would like. Cold water tastes great on a hot day, and it costs a lot less than buying bottles of water for each member of your party. (Photo Credit insidethemagic.com)
By PaulaK