12 Walt Disney World Bucket List Items

11. Riding With A Celebrity Everyone has seen the viral video of Johnny Depp surprising guests as Capt. Jack Sparrow on Disneyland’s Pirates of the Caribbean.  How amazing would that experience be?  And Steven Tyler often visits Disney for his birthday, and of course he rides “his” attraction, Rock N Roller Coaster.  What if you were in just the right spot in line to ride with him?  Those are the top two I can think of, but you often spot celebrities in the parks. Many times they ride by themselves, but what a bucket list to have an on-ride photo with a celebrity in your log at Splash Mountain or your Test Track vehicle!  The closest I’ve come is seeing Johnny Galecki waiting to board both Kilimanjaro Safari one day and Test Track the next.  I’ve also seen a couple of HGTV celebrities in the club lounge at Boardwalk during the Flower & Garden Festival . . . but alas no celebrity ride sharing yet.