12 Walt Disney World Attractions We’re Totally Obsessed With

5) Haunted Mansion – Magic Kingdom No, this ride is not the newest at Walt Disney World. In fact, it’s one of the longest-running attractions in the parks. It opened on October 1, 1971—the same day the Magic Kingdom opened. Up to three Guests board a “Doom” Buggy for a tour of more than 15 rooms inside this haunted house in Liberty Square. It has long been home to 999 “happy haunts,” but Guests are assured that there’s always room for one more. This attraction boasts some spectacular special effects that wow Guests of all ages.  Even after experiencing this attraction multiple times, Guests are at a loss when asked to explain how that candlestick is floating in the corridor with no strings holding it up, how the bride in the attic changes her personality right before their eyes or how those men depicted in paintings in the ballroom come to life and have a duel. And is the Portrait Chamber just inside the attraction really stretching? If so, is the ceiling being raised, or is the floor dropping? And then there’s the “how’d they do that” when it comes to all the dancing ghosts in the Grand Ballroom—and no projector. Hmmmmm…..